Exclusive Interview with British Actor/Author Samuel Kelly IV

Photo by: Chris Bailey
Photo by: Chris Bailey
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We had the privilege of having a quick interview with British actor who has added author to his name, Samuel Kelly IV. He talked about what made him join the acting industry, his journey as an actor so far as well as his new book, Solomon’s Shadow. 



Hi, Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Samuel kelly IV, I’m an actor and author based in London

What made you join the film industry?

I studied drama in secondary school but I never took any interest in the acting industry until now. It all happened quite quickly, one day I was invited on set, the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about the craft! I literally fell in love with acting quite quickly. Like they say if it’s meant it will be.

Tell us a little more about your acting career and how long you have been in the industry?

Well, professionally its been at least 2 and a half years. Before that, I was in preparation mode! Still got loads to learn. I’ve been blessed to be around so many positive people in the industry. I started my career working on small productions, such as music videos, student films, short films, and corporate films. Then eventually started building my own connections which landed me my first role on a well-known Channel 5 Production

When was the acting role that convinced you to be part of this industry?

It was being on a fully working set that convinced me that acting was for me. I really enjoyed my first time on set. The whole idea of being your self and playing any character you wanted was amazing in my eyes. Finally, a career that I could let my personality shine through.

Do you have any current projects? Can you briefly tell us about them?

I’ve recently just wrapped on new North East TV Drama pilot Called MORELANDS FIRM which is produced by a production company called NE Films and directed by a director called Ferson! At the moment I can’t reveal any information on the project but when I can, you guys will be first to know.

Who have you worked with in the past and what are your greatest acting memory today?

I’ve been blessed to work with all sorts of actors over the 2 years, known and unknown. Well, there have been many awesome memories I’ve had on set, My favourite has been, when I worked on the Ticketmaster Commercial (2018), I really didn’t want that day to end at all.

How do you manage your acting life with your personal life?

At the start, I was in between jobs such as Waiter and Sales executive but eventually, I took the leap and decided to do acting full time.

I do still balance my career with other ventures such as running my own production company and the release of my new Book Solomon’s Shadow helped a lot.

You’ve heard about the Nollywood industry? Have you ever considered working with people in the Nigerian film industry?

I have a few actor networks who currently work in the Nollywood Industry. I do love a challenge, yes I would love to be part of one. Always have support for the Nollywood industry.

Who are your favourite actors of all time and why?

My favourite actors are Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and Eddie Murphy. I love their attitude towards the craft not only that there awesome actors, which inspirational.

Any advice for young people like you who would like to join the industry?

Always believe in yourself, make sure to work on your craft and surround yourself with the right people as you never who you may meet.

Photo by: Chris Bailey

The year is almost over, what are your plans for 2020 in the film industry?

Well to work with some more amazing directors and actors. Also, complete some more goals within the industry as an actor.

Take you very much for your time. We look forward to seeing you more in the movie industry.


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