South African singer Was Left Star-strucked After John Cena Finally Showed His acknowledgement By Dancing With Her | Video


It appears that even the celebrity figures we cherish and adore so much happens to also have other celebrity figures that they cherish and adore with the same level of affection, either secretly or openly.


That was the case for South African singer Sho Madjozi In a night characterized by perhaps the greatest surprise of her life.

The singer had openly revealed her love for WWE superstar John Cena when she sat with Kelly Clarkson to discuss her hit song on the Kelly Clarkson show.


According to her,  she is yet to meet John Cena, even though her song about him had become a global hit.

“I don’t know if he posts for himself but on his page, he put a picture of me on there… and he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t caption, he doesn’t tag me, nothing… but I love him, if I see him, I’m gonna freak out,” Sho Madjozi explained with passion.”

And while she was performing her song, someone snuck up from behind and treated her to a surprise dance that lasted for only a few seconds.

The singer would truely freak out when she realized that her dance partner was John Cena, the celebrity crush she expressly talked about not so long ago.

She instantly became star-strucked, screamed in delight, and jumped on John Cena in excitement.

It was indeed a heartwarming moment.

Watch video here


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