All We Want is an Apology – SA Rapper Challenge Burna Boy to Render Apology


Popular South African rapper AKA has laid out the terms for his Nigerian counterpart Burna Boy on what he has to do to win back his heart and that of his country people in order to be welcomed to perform in South Africa again.

Recall that the controversial singer was one of many SA singers who took to Twitter to rebuffed the idea of Burna Boy performing at the upcoming African Unite Concert in the country after the xenophobic attacks in South Africa against foreigners led to the musicians sharing controversial tweets on social media.

In one of the tweets,  the dancehall singer had vowed never to set foot in South Africa again.

Well, In a recent development AKA has taken to Twitter once more to address his Nigerian counterpart on the same issue. According to him, he is ready to swallow his pride and put an end to their division.  But only an apology from Burna Boy will heal the rift between him and the people of South Africa.

AKA would challenge the Nigerian singer to make the apology if he is truly an African Giant.

But one man who seem disappointed over their lingering dispute is popular Nigerian singer WizKid who branded AKA tweets ‘insensitive’ and ‘dumb stupid.’  WIzKid would adjure them to make peace as soon as possible by saying that it is not the time to point fingers.

However, it is still unknown if Burna Boy would agree to AKA demands as he is yet to react to his tweets.

Do you think Burna Boy should apologize to AKA and the people of South African? Let us know in the comment section below


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