Inside the Blissful Private Birthday Party of Anita Okoye


We all know that after the little and quiet celebration on social media through photos and flattery notes comes the bigger and louder celebration where champagne glasses are raised atop each other and clanged together in jubilation.

It’s still only a few days since popular singer Paul Okoye took to social media to celebrate his wife Anita Okoye for turning a new age and we’ve all been expecting photos from her grand birthday party.

However, Anita has decided to steer away from celebrity pop culture by organizing a somewhat surprising private party to which she even called a game night and invited only a few family members and friends to celebrate her happy occasion.

Going by her message of appreciation to all those who came, she had nothing planned.

She wrote: “#TBT to my Very Mellow Birthday Celebration! Best Game Night Ever!! 🎊🎉🍾👑 Thanks Ladies for showing up even though I had nothing planned! You all Rock!!”

But what we know for sure is that everyone in attendance had an amazing and fun time they probably would not have gotten anywhere else.

And as usual, we’re here to get you inside by bringing you adorable photos from Anita’s quiet birthday party or game night — whichever you choose to call it.

See them here

Photo Credit: Instagram


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