Government Offcial Instructs Tanzanian Rapper to Get Degree First Before He Can Criticize Government

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The song of a popular Tanzanian rapper which criticizes the government has been dismissed by the country’s Minister of Arts and Information on the bases of the singer ‘lacking the academic credentials to question state policies.’

Roma Mkatoliki, whose real name is Ibrahim Mussa, is a popular Tanzanian singer who is known for his political activism through the lines of his songs.

In his new song titled Anitwa Roma, Swahili for “They call him Roma”, the singer lambasts the government policies in the agricultural and aviation sector. He also criticizes Tanzanians for not joining a call for protests against the President’s policies.

The controversial song has forced the country’s Minister of Arts and Information, Harrison Mwakyembe to defend the government policies. According to him, one must have the knowledge and education to qualify to be a critic.

“You can criticize but you should have the knowledge and education to qualify to be a critic. You can’t criticize someone like me, for example, if you have primary school education. I have four degrees,” Mr. Mwakyembe told journalists.

But the minister’s comment has not stopped Roma from being praised by fans for his bravery to take on the government. His controversial music video has gained more than 500,00 views and 300,00 comments since it was uploaded on Youtube three days ago.

Though many of his fans are concerned about his safety. In 2017, the singer was kidnapped and held for three days, alongside with other artistes in a government crackdown on musicians.

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