UK Police officer Sentenced For possession of Indecent Child Image on Phone

Metropolitan Police Superintendent Novlett Robyn Williams arrives at the Old Bailey in London, where she will be sentenced for possession of an indecent video of a child.

Novelette William, a senior Metropolitan Police officer has been sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work after she was found guilty of possessing an indecent image of a child on her phone.

The 54-year-old Met officer was sentenced today, November 26th after the guilty verdict at the Old Bailey which took place a week ago.

The officer who has worked in the police service for 36 years, said she was sent the video on WhatsApp by her sister in February 2018 to have a look at. Her sister also forwarded the clip to 17 other WhatsApp contacts after she received it from her partner.

Her sister Hodge, age 56 was also sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work and convicted of distributing an indecent image of a child on Social media.

Massivi her husband was is 61 was found guilty of the same offence, as well as distributing an indecent image of a child. More material of extreme pornography was also discovered on his phone after further investigation. He bagged 18 months in prison and suspended for two years and 200 hours of unpaid work.

Both Massivi, a bus driver of 20 years, and Hodge, a charity worker for 17, lost their jobs. and all three will be listed on the sex offenders’ register.

Williams who is a senior officer and recipient of the Queen’s policing medal for distinguished service was however found not guilty of corrupt or improper exercise of police powers in failing to report the distribution of the image. Williams claimed that she did not view the footage, but the Jurors disagreed with her that she did not know the clip was on her phone.

File photo dated 09/09/16 of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (left) with Metropolitan Police Superintendent Novlett Robyn Williams (centre). The Superintendent arrived at the Old Bailey enter a plea over possession of an indecent video of a child on Tuesday.

ct is carrying out an independent misconduct investigation into the actions of Supt Williams and we await the outcome.”

The Met will carry out disciplinary action on Ms Wiliams who was placed on restricted duties throughout the investigation and trial.



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