DJ Cuppy & Reasons Why She Is The GOLDEN CHILD In The Otedola Household

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You can’t have a cupcake in your hands and be sad, right? This is a famous line from popular Nigerian Pink-Haired Billionaire heiress, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola aka DJ Cuppy who has found a way to stay relevant and kept her family name in the spotlight.

Apart from her Gelato hit track, Cuppy is trending once again after receiving a massive donation for her Foundation as her 27th Birthday present from her billionaire father, Femi Otedola.

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Her Philanthropist father, on Sunday, November 10th, donated N5 billion Naira to Save The Children Charity through Cuppy’s Foundation for children in need across Nigeria’s north-east region. There are four children in the Todetola household. Three girls and one boy to be precise. Tolani is the eldest child but from a different mother. Florence aka Cuppy is the first daughter of her mother Nana Otedola, followed by her elegant fashionista sister, Temi Otedela and then their Autistic younger brother who is known as Fewa Otedola.

They say most parents have a favourite child and this saying is clear as day in the Odetola family. Despite the couple’s love for every child, it seems like DJ cuppy is the golden child in the family.


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