Omoyele Sowore Re-arrested Less Than 24 Hours After Release, No Explanation by the DSS & No Reaction From Nigerian President Buhari!

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Nigerian State Security Service, DSS reportedly stormed the courthouse where RevolutionNow Movement activist Omoyele Sowore was present and violently re-arrested him barely 24 hours after his release.

Omoyele Sowore, who is also a Journalist and activist ran against President Muhammadu Buhari in February’s election. He was first arrested in August and has pleaded not guilty to charges of treason, money laundering and harassing the president. He was finally released on bail after several attempts on Thursday, Dec 5th ahead of a court hearing on Friday.

However, news broke yesterday, December 6th that activist was re-arrested by DSS officials on Friday in court during a hearing. Videos circulating online is an evidence of the fight broke in the court of law and Sowore was forcefully dragged away.

Nigerians are very upset about the news, with most calling the country a lawless country which could possibly face anarchy.

Oby Ezewesili urges my fellow citizens who are reasonable enough Sowores re-arrest amounts to full aggression against the Judiciary by the Executive arm of President Buhari’s portends an extremely dangerous development. She demands Nigerians stand to defend our hard-won Democracy.


Sowore’s wife is crying out and is very sad her children wouldn’t see their father this Christmas. As a US Citizen, she is calling the united state for help.

Nigerian Bar Association Demands Immediate Suspension Of Director-General of Department of State Services (DSS) boss, Yusuf Bichi, over the style used in rearresting Omoyele Sowore in court premises.

“It might be my only word on the record before they kill me; this is an attempt to assassinate me in court”. This was Sowore’s last words before the DSS stormed the court.

So far, DSS hasn’t given the reason why the re-arrest the ‘Revolution Now’ activist.

The president of the country Muhammadu Buhari hasn’t reacted to the news yet.


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