My Stomach is Really Messed Up: Cardi B Debunks Rumors of Hollywood Act in Ghana Celebrity Snub

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Cardi B says she failed to meet up with celebrities in Ghana because of a running stomach.

The music star left many Ghanian celebrities fuming over the weekend after failing to treat her special guests of honor with a special presence of her own during a recent performance in the country — with the likes of Afia Schwarzenegger and Wendy Shey asserting the snub was a well-intentioned act on Twitter.

But now the rapper has taken to her Instagram page to clear the air and to reveal the truth about what really happened. According to her, a running stomach was the reason she failed to meet with celebrity figures from the black nation. Cardi B went as far as sharing a video of herself locked in a toilet to further debunk rumors of an ‘Hollywood Act’

She wrote: “My stomach is messed up. Bitch, I have some m**derf**ker diarrhea. Don’t know what the f**k I ate, what I drank, my stomach is messed up. Y’all thought I was f**king canceling people? I don’t do that life. Ghanaians were for coming for me saying I was lying and all that shit, saying I was trying to act Hollywood. No bitch my stomach fucked up! I know I don’t play that shit. Now let me finish taking this shit…they said I was lying! My stomach is really messed up… I respect people, my stomach was messed up…I’ll talk to you guys later, bye.”

Prior to visiting Ghana, Cardi B trip to Nigeria had taken a turn for the unexpected when a video of the singer drowned in booze and mumbling to her drunken self after taking a bottle of Nigerian beer went viral on social media. The singer also touched the hearts of many by visiting an orphanage home with supplies worth millions of naira.

See photos from her orphanage visit below:


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