“Human Beings Will Hype You to Your Doom” — Adesua Etomi Offers Timely Reminder on The Dangers of Listening to Superfluous Praises


Praise is good. But when taken a notch up and blown out of proportion, it becomes hype, which in that case becomes unhealthy and extremely dangerous.

It is normal for people to get praised and reminded of their potentials when they show off a skill to a large audience or excel in the industry they find themselves in or achieve little success in life.

But more often than previously stated, people tend to be overzealous and untrue in their adulation through the use of superfluous words or unrealistic comparisons that may only go on to cause more harm than good to the person it is been alluded to.

And this is exactly what popular Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington is out to remind us about this festive season — when different talents will be on full display  —  with this simple but thoughtful post on social media that has since gone viral.

The beautiful actress recently took to her Twitter account to warn about the dangers of listening to superfluous praises that leads to hype.

According to her, human beings are dangerous, so one has to be shrewd in dealing with their adulations.

She wrote: ”Human beings are dangerous. ‍♀️ They will hype you oh…hype you allllll the way to your doom. Just have sense pls.”

See her post below: 


Her advice drew several reactions from social media users who endorsed the tweet and understood it in the way it relates to them.

Below are some of our best picks:


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