The Wedding Day is Just The Start of a Life-Long Journey! We Love the Theme of Sandra Ikeji & Her fiancée Pre-Wedding Photoshoots


The wedding day is just the start of a life-long journey. One that cuts through glittering blue oceans and, at the same time, dry, reddish-yellow deserts.Therefore, a successful marriage journey hangs on the ability of the married couple falling in love many times with the same person.

This is the underlying theme which Sandra Ikeji and Arinze pre-wedding photoshoots are built upon as they prepare to start their forever love journey.

Sandra and her fiancée got engaged in 2018, and now the wedding planner, who is about to plan her own wedding, has moved to her Instagram page to share series of gorgeous photos of their pre-wedding shoot in Dubai.

See the pre-wedding photos below:

Photo Credit: Instagram


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