Nollywood Halima Abubakar Advises Women to Spend Money on Their Man


Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar says it is no big deal for a woman to buy things for her man.

The actress made this known in a social media post aimed at women who are of the opinion that buying things is solely the responsibility of the man in a relationship, while it is the duty of the women to always receive with a smiling face and a resounding thank you.

Halima took to her Instagram page where she urged her female fans to be more generous to their other half.  She also encouraged them to spend on their man when the money is available.

According to her, it’s not a big deal to buy him everything as it is one of the hallmark of a success-driven woman.

She wrote:”if you have money babes✍🏻spend some on your man too💯it is not a big deal❤️buy him everything💋Type Ameen if you want to be successful and kind🥂”

See her post below:

Photo Credit: Instagram


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