Ajebo & Wife Uchenna Receives Early Christmas Gift As Couple Welcome Beautiful Newborn Baby Girl


Having a baby at any time of the year is a happy moment for every parent. But when that baby arrives during the yuletide season, it becomes a Christmas gift from above, and this can change the context of joy and cause it to know no bounds.

That’s the case for popular comedian Ajebo and his wife Uchenna who recently welcomed the arrival of a baby girl into their home.

The couple has now taken to social media to express happiness and gratitude to God, and to show off their new bundle of joy.

Announcing the arrival of the baby with a video collage on his Instagram page, the comedian wrote:

“This is the best Christmas gift we could ever ask for.. Our bundle of joy, Daddy’s girl.😊😊 I saw with my 2 eyes the entire birth process and I stood confident in the fact that the host of Angels were in that room..God be praised.”

While in another post the dotting dad gushed over his adorable baby daughter. He wrote:

“Wow!! That’s my smile, my lips, my nose, and my chubby cheeks. She smiled my smile effortlessly in her sleep. GOD!!! You dey create O!! 😱😇 Thank you JESUS my heart is filled with gratitude “

Ajebo’s reaction towards the birth of his baby clearly shows that there’s more to him than causing our ribs to hurt with much laughter from his hilarious cartoon videos.

See his series of posts below: 



Photo Credit: Instagram


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