Cardi B Secures Support of Nigerian Government Ahead Of Proposed Move


Call it a joke if you want. But Cardi B’s proposed move to Nigeria is getting both the attention and approval it needs from the right people.

The rapper has been the foreign celebrity at the forefront of entertainment headlines since tweeting about her decision to file for Nigerian citizenship in reaction to President Trump’s sanction of a US airstrike that killed top Iranian militarily commander Qassim Suleimani.

In her tweet, Cardi B described the military operation as dumb and expressed concern over how it endangers the lives of those living in the country.

In the same tweet,  the singer added that she is filling for Nigerian citizenship and even asked Nigerians to help her pick a native name.

And now in a recent development, Nigerian lawmaker Abike Dabiri-Erewa has taken to the comment section of Cardi B’s tweet to assure her that she has the backing of the government.

Abike noted that the doors are open for Cardi B and even talked about her experiencing life in Badagry.

“As one in charge of the Diaspora for Ngr, We can’t wait to receive you again. Our doors are open, sister. And you need to talk a walk through the Door of Return in Badagry. It’s an indescribable experience,” she tweeted

Photo Credit: Instagram


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