Pauline Long Show Supports London’s Powerful Art Installation By Eugene Akomah As A Media Partner


    Artist Eugene Ankomah is set to commence his latest project, a three-month residency at Capital City Academy in Willesden Green.  Ankomah who launched the unique project ‘Re-Claim: Memories LiveD’ last year in Southwark, is set to collaborate with students in re-creating the powerful Art installation, launching 30th January 2020 – 6th February with Pauline Long Show as a media partner.

    Focused on raising awareness amongst young people and the community, Eugene Ankomah has been using his art as a voice to encourage young people to make better choices. Better still, the project allows them to feel, then communicate their opinions and fears honestly, through painting, drawing, performance art, costume, sound art, arrangements and Installation Art.

    “I’m thrilled to be able to work with Capital City Academy. They have been active and instrumental in bringing together various community experts and specialists, such as youth workers, the police and parents in the war against young people carrying knives” said Mr. Ankomah.

    ‘The project ‘Re-Claim’ is an opportunity for young people to reflect upon and highlight the effects of knife crime through a creative process. We are excited about the healing, community cohesion and exposure to art that this project will bring to our students and local community. ’Director of Art Ms. Kim Lee 

    “This is a significant project that my team and I at Pauline Long Show are extremely proud to support. I encourage everyone to come and experience this powerful art by an award-winning artist who is committed to empowering the youth,” said Dr Pauline Long.


    For further information about this project please visit or 


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