Omenka Ozoma Feels Guilty For Revealing Olamide’s Financial Assistance To Majek Fashek


Omenka Uzoma has more to say about his client and legendary singer Majek Fashek – particularly why he chose to reveal that Olamide is the only celebrity who supported him financially during his treatment in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday last week, we reported that the manager revealed to Nigeria Info that Olamide helped to pay the medical bills of Majek Fashek during his health issues.  Uzoma revelation would irk most Nigerians given he also stated that the oil and gas rapper wanted his donation to be kept secret from the public.


He has now come out to defend himself and his decision to leave the singer’s request in the cold.

In an interview with the Punch, Uzoma justified his action by revealing that he was harassed by people who had come to believe he benefited handsomely from the money sent by wealthy business man, Femi Otedela and other influential Nigerians.

According to him, the donations weren’t in his custody as they were paid directly into the account of the hospital.

He said:

“Olamide actually helped out over six months ago and I honestly feel guilty for mentioning his name because he told me not to. However, what I said was not bad. Olamide really showed love. I didn’t even expect it from him. I didn’t want to say it but my spirit was not at peace. He helped out at a time of tribulation.

“Some people felt Femi Otedola gave me a lot of money but everything he gave was paid directly to the hospital. A single penny didn’t pass through my hands. After it became public knowledge that Otedola had offered assistance, some people came out of the woodworks to harass me, asking for Majek’s money and properties. There was even a time I registered Majek for a health insurance scheme in the United Kingdom but nobody came to identify with us then. I did my best for Majek but I am not a millionaire.”

Omenka Uzoma & Majek Fashek

Omenka, however, said he hadn’t had any interaction with Olamide since he made the revelation during the interview. He added that Majek Fashek’s recovery is going smoothly.

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