Nollywood Actor Ernest Asuzu Reduced To Begging For Financial Help From Nigerians | Video


A video of former Nollywood actor Ernest Asuzu begging in public is currently doing the rounds on social media.

Nollywood bad boy Ernest Asuzu is reportedly down with stroke and was recently spotted begging for financial assistance on the streets of Lagos.

In the video, the once popular actor can be seen without a shirt and nodding in affirmation while he asked for alms from passerby. Ernest also looked sick and disoriented, though he wore a gold necklace and had a nice hair cut.

Ernest Asuzu

The video was shared by an Instagram user identified as John Louise. Louise issued a cry for help on behalf of the actor. He called on Nollywood practitioners to come to the rescue of one of their own before his condition gets worse or something bad happens to him.

“I’m directing this video to Nollywood. This is a star that everybody knows that he is in this kind of condition. We saw him at Justrite asking men for money when he has Nollywood people doing anything they like but they don’t know how to help themselves.

So we are calling on Nollywood to come and assist their member. It is not only to act film, but this guy also cannot even walk. So they need to come to his aid not when he dies they will come and do big burial for somebody. Even Nigeria’s government needs to back the guy and know what is the problem, thank you,” he said.

Enerst Asuzu’s life and career took a downward spiral a few years ago after he suffered a stroke which brought him down and unable to continue in the film industry.

His recovery has been slow. And the actor reduced to begging for money is a far fall from grace to grass for a man who used to star in home videos alongside popular actor and accomplice, Jim Iyke.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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