WHO Declares Global Emergency On Coronavirus


The world Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global emergency over the outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The announcement was made on Thursday, January, 30, 2020, after death toll in China, where the virus originated, rose to 213 within a week.

The move reversed the organization’s decision just a week ago to hold off such a declaration. But it reached the decision to call the global emergency after China’s health commission revealed on Friday that the confirmed cases of infection have reached 9,692 and another 102,000 people were also reportedly under medical observation with possible symptoms of the respiratory ailment.

There have also been clear evidence of humans-to-human transmission in several other countries, including the United States and a suspected case in Ivory Coast.

According to The Ney York Times, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, revealed that the declaration comes now because of fears that the coronavirus may reach countries with weak health care systems, where it could spiral out of control, potentially infecting millions of people and killing thousands.


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