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Since starting out In 2009, Lady-to-Lady Global Conference has quickly become a top favourite in the capital city of London for ladies and everyone. From what started out with a small group of ladies in South Norwood that could barely fit into a 50-seater room to now attracting thousands of ladies including international delegates, Lady-to-Lady conference has given many ladies not only the audacity to dream again but also to boldly rise-up to their calling and become all that they were destined to be wherever they are positioned in fulfilling their God-given assignment here on earth. The atmosphere and the women you meet leaves you inspired, encouraged and ready to fine-tune your focus on the things that matter in your life – your God-given purpose here on earth.

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Sandra Nelson, the founder of Lady-to-Lady Global Conference is humbled that God will birth in her a vision for women at such a time as this – a ministry she never even considered she could identify with but she said YES. This desire that was birth inside of her has led to thousands of lives transformed, the broken heart is mended, and has brought about healing and joy in the lives of many but most importantly it has repositioned many to serve God with a faithful heart and turn many to righteousness. It is Faith Work! You see the wonderful thing about God is that if He calls you, He also equips and makes provision for you so that all glory will go to his name.

Each year, there is a steady increase of women attending the Lady-to-Lady Global Conference seeking for an increased revelation of God’s word and intimate time to experience the power of Sisterhood and Fellowship.  The inspiration behind our yearly women’s conference, which is the story of Mary and Elizabeth in the bible.Luke 1:39-45 gives us an insight between an encounter between two women – Elizabeth and Mary, two ordinary ladies carrying two great people inside of them and became extraordinary that till this day their stories are still been told.

Apart from being cousins, Elizabeth and Mary had something else in common that brought them together which further strengthened their bond. When you study from verse 5 onwards, Elizabeth will be conceiving a child in her old age which her husband Zachariah found it difficult to believe while Mary will be conceiving a child as a virgin. Both events were impossible to the human mind and defied logic – how could a virgin give birth without a man and how could a lady give birth in her old age?

What has God said about you that only you know that it can only be a miracle when it comes to pass? What is that dream God has laid inside your heart that you are finding it difficult to believe? Are circumstances around you causing you to doubt the promises of God concerning your life? Whatever your situation is right now, we can draw insight from Elizabeth and Mary and ask one key question – who are you in fellowship with?

While in doubt, Angel Gabriel had to remind Mary of her cousin Elizabeth and Mary spurred into action by visiting her cousin Elizabeth – I’m just curious, was Mary quick to forget about her cousin Elizabeth’s miracle or did she to herself that no one can be a source of encouragement to her right now? This encounter led to the two ladies being encouraged – especially Mary and they were both filled with joy and prophesied. What an atmosphere that must have been! Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months. Think about it, if Mary had told other young virgins, they would have mocked her or even accused her of lying and this would have weakened her faith and aborted God’s dream for her but thank God Mary heeded to the instruction she received from Angel Gabriel.

You may ask, what does this mean for me? Every lady is carrying a God-given dream to birth in due time. Some are going to birth dreams that will save nations like Esther did in the Bible for the Jews but sadly, many are not in the right fellowship to realise their God-given dream.  From 2009 till date, Lady-to-Lady conference has inspired thousands of women to be intentional about birthing their God-given potential and visions by being in the right fellowship. During the conference, the atmosphere is stirred to bring about healing and supernatural encounter with God and many more miraculous and mind-blowing testimonies. Like Mary and Elizabeth, Lady-to-Lady Conference is a reminder that there is a lady out there who has dealt with what was thought as an impossible situation but now rejoices over her testimony.

Is taking place this year on Saturday 21st of March 2020 at the Prestigious Fairfield Concert Hall, Croydon Parklane CR9 1DG, Door opens at 9.30 am for a 10 AM Start.

Free registration at

This is our Story and you can be a part of this story by becoming an advocate, a partner, an st of March ambassador, by spreading the word and also by attending the conference! Together we can change the world for Jesus and the story continues.

Contact us by visiting our website or call the number showing on the flyer and we hope to see you there with your loved ones.

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