Tearful Tboss Bemoans Abusive Comments Hurled At Her Baby Daughter On Instagram | Video


Tboss of BBNaija has bemoaned the numerous harsh comments her infant baby has been subjected to on the internet barley few days after she showed her off on social media.

Recall that Tboss finally revealed her daughter’s face in a photo shared on her Instagram page on Valentine’s Day alongside a heartfelt note that detailed how she is well loved by her.

TBoss & her infant baby daughter

Well, the reaction towards the photos has certainly not been what she looked forward to.

While some adored the little baby, a few were far from impressed with the high praises she alluded to her.

The highlight of the horrible comments came from a lady identified as Misshafiat who insinuated that there was nothing beautiful or special about Tboss baby. While some went as far as saying she was ugly.

As expected, this did not please the reality TV star who took to her Instagram page in a live video session on Sunday to fire back at Misshafiat and those who mocked her daughter’s looks and uniqueness.

In the video, Tboss was reduced to tears as she hurled curses on her daughter’s trolls. She even prayed that the aforementioned lady would never carry her own child.

Despite the insults, the single mother maintained that her daughter remains her greatest achievement in life and is deeply cherished by family and friends.

“‘You have a very unspecial and ugly child’. Leave her like that for me. This is the best thing that has happened to me. I am a very proud single mother,” she said.

Watch the video below:

Photo credit: Instagram


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