Pastor Enoch Adeboye Celebrates 78th Birthday With 78 Powerful Quotes | Check Them Out Here


One of Nigerian most respected clergyman is celebrating his birthday today.

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God  (RCCG) Pastor E.A Adeboye turns 78 on Monday, March 2, 2020.

To mark turning 78, Adeboye has compiled and shared 78 powerful quotes said by him over the last 40 years of being in Ministry.

From outright religious sayings to a few secular advice, these quotes are packed with profound wisdom capable of transforming the life of anyone who follow them religiously.

Watch out for quote number 21; we think every woman would agree to it.

Thank You Jesus for Ordering my steps, Adeboye wrote on his official instagram page.

Check out Pastor Adeboye’s 78 powerful quotes below:


1. The first and biggest victory of all is victory over your own self.

2. One of the ways the Holy Spirit will help you is that He will warn you of impending danger.

3. Once a person steps into sin, the stagnating power of sin becomes activated in the person’s life.

4. Nothing happens except God allows it. Nobody comes to government except God allows it, even if the election is rigged.

5. No man can claim total victory until he gets home (Heaven).

6. Whenever you find it difficult to obey those over you, whether you like it or not, you are guilty of pride.

7. If you buy a car with money you didn’t earn lawfully, you’ll be riding in a moving coffin.

8. God will not give you a temptation beyond what you’re able to handle.

9. ‪If you don’t fear God, you are capable of any evil.‬

10. Never look down on anyone, most especially one who has God

11. True prosperity is not limited to material wealth.

12. Don’t joke with God. You should not only reverence God, you should fear Him as well.

13. Now, if the peacemaker is a child of God, then whose child is the troublemaker? When you always choose to quarrel over peace, who do you resemble?

14. If your worship is devoid of humility, it will not be accepted.

15. If you kill an unbeliever, you are killing a potential convert. Someone who is dead cannot be converted.

16. Tribalism doesn’t belong to the House of God.

17. Thanksgiving is the glue that helps to firmly attach your blessings to you. Without it, your blessings may be lost

18. Praise is a powerful instrument. It attracts God’s presence. If you have been struggling with a problem, try praise. It can change your life because as you praise God, the earth releases her increase and you will be blessed.

19. My sons, don’t marry a lady who cannot cook. She needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to be eating out all the time.

‪20. My sons, don’t marry a girl who is worldly. If you do, you have carried what you’ll worship for the rest of your life.‬ ‪-

21. My beloved daughters, don’t marry a man who has no job.

22. When you are filled with the compassion of Jesus, other people’s interests will be paramount in your heart.

23. When you manifest the mind of Christ, genuine humility will be seen in you.

24. If you are fully focused on yourself and hardly think of others, you have been overtaken by the bug of the last days.

25. If you have the mind of Christ, regardless of the number of signs, wonders and miracles God has done through you, you will be unable to boss people around, virtually expecting people to worship you.

26. Only the fellow manifesting the mind of Christ will be able to give anything the Lord requests of him or her.

27. It is foolish for you not to have mercy on those who offend you because you are only withholding mercy from yourself.

28. You touch me, I will report you to God. You touch my wife, I will deal with you personally.

29. If being a staff in that organization causes you to stain your garment of holiness then resign.

30. If social media is the means through which immoral thoughts get into your mind, then you must be ready to delete those social media apps from your phone.

31. If you are not desperately hungry to live a holy life, you become easy meat for the Devil.

32. Every Christian needs to know that dependence on worldly knowledge can lead to failure, but Godly knowledge guarantees success.

33. Biblical knowledge is a combination of scientific, philosophical, psychological and spiritual knowledge, and it is superior to any other kind of knowledge.

34. You must constantly meditate on God’s word because what you meditate on and for how long you meditate on have an effect on your lifestyle.

35. If you catch the revelation that Jesus is God Himself wrapped up as a gift just for you, your perspective will change from asking for petty things to desiring more of Him in your life.

36. When a man who is actually a ravenous wolf begins to show exceptional care for a young girl beyond what her parents can afford, he is actually seeking to devour a precious part of the innocent girl’s life.

37. As a believer, you are not only meant to be healthy, you are meant to have so much authority over sickness and diseases that once they feel your touch they would vanish immediately.

38. It is a foolish thing to think that anyone can love us like God the Father and His only begotten Son does.

39. Authority in Christ can only be retained and increased as you witness about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor E.A Adeboye


40. Questioning God is only a waste of time and an insult to the Most High.

41. A wife who shows more care to a domestic male servant or driver than her husband may be walking in the same spirit as Potiphar’s wife.

42. Those who know the value of a father’s blessing are always ready to pay for it.

43. God is powerful but He also likes to delegate, He always wants man to participate in what He’s doing.

44. God is the ultimate Father, He prefers the title of Father even to God.

45. At the hearing of the word of God, the corrupt and sinful mind of an individual begins to do a self analysis internally.

46. The starting point of fulfilling God’s purpose for anyone is to be productive.

47. A true believer is to provide for his near relatives and his immediate family at the same time.

48. Every child of God who is determined to fulfill God’s purpose must live according to the order of marriage ordained by the Almighty God.

49. The purpose of God for Christian children is to be wise sons and daughters.‬

50. Born to win means born to fight.

51. If you are filled with the HolySpirit, he will birth many creative things through you.

52. You cannot fight against God’s anointed and win because God already decreed this.

53. Whenever you get yourself hooked to the Almighty God, He has a way of changing death to life.

54. God expects us to obey constituted authority provided those authorities are obeying God.

55. Whenever God decides to fight for someone, the battle is always very short and victory is assured.

56. If you are truly born again, then your old friends will stay away from you because your ways will now be radically different from their ways.‬

57. Anytime any constituted authority asks you to do something that will lead to sin, you must refuse.

58. Whenever you find someone who calls himself a disciple of Jesus and he does not love you, know that such a person is not a disciple of Jesus but a disciple of the Devil.

59. The Almighty God is always jealous about his anointed ones and He never leaves the judgment of His anointed in the hands of anyone.‬

60. The nature of a pig is to go into dirt, decorated or not. If beauty is your number one consideration in choosing a wife, you might end up marrying a pig with earrings.

61. The Devil makes you spend the whole time complaining and lamenting about the things you don’t have such that you forget to thank God about the things you have.

62. I don’t need a new house, I don’t need a new car, I don’t need new clothes but I need new souls for the Kingdom.

63. If you think in your heart that God does not exist, even when you have not verbalized such thoughts, God has heard you.

64. We will make a lot of progress if we just take note of the fact that no meeting with any person is accidental, God arranges every meeting.

65. Many of us don’t receive all the help we could get from God because we have now regarded Him as someone we can toy with.

66. If God is the one promoting you, your tomorrow will be better than today.

67. If you stay close to God, He will promote you. When God promotes, He keeps on promoting.

68. If God has made you a royal priesthood, it is your duty to make him happy by praising Him.

69. Anyone hindering the gospel is not allowing the Church of God to be built; such a person is regarded as the gate of hell that will not prevail.

70. It is a dangerous thing to lie against the anointed of God, this can invite leprosy.

71. When you see a man that carries fire, tread gently around him.

72. Whatever position you occupy, always seek to do something for God by virtue of that office

73. Never allow the Devil attack your prayer life, once he attacks it, you become powerless.

74. Prayer does not give you the liberty to stop working and working does not mean you should stop praying.

75. God is interested in your spiritual well-being as He is interested in your health.

76. Whatever promise you are waiting for, don’t get so carried away that you miss the benefits the vision carries. You must know the timing of the fulfillment of the vision and when to act on it.

77. Focus on pleasing God; stop chasing shadows and pursue substance.

78. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!!!

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