Pete Edochie Blames Homosexuality on ‘Ogbanje’ Spirits


Nollywood veteran actor Pete Edochie has rendered his opinion on homosexuality.

Pete Edochie has looked back to the traditional ways in a bid to explain why certain men are sexually attracted to their fellow man.

The actor believes that homosexuality is caused by the ‘Ogbanje spirit.’

An ‘Ogbanje’ is a reincarnating spirit in the Igbo tradition that causes grief or pain. They’re most often children that die stillborn or children that die before they’re married.

The actor made this known during a recent chat.

In the video which has now gone viral, Edochie revealed that homosexuality starts when a child reincarnates as the opposite sex and starts finding the same sex sexually attractive.

Pete Edochie

He said:

“If a child is born and that child is very sickly and the child dies and the father says this child looks like an Ogbanje and that there is a possibility that the child will come back he gives the child a mark and then buries the child.

Maybe a few years after another child is born, and the child comes out without the mark, how will you explain it? See it as reincarnation.

“A lady can get so fond of her friend and then dies, she would want to be part of that family so she can get very close to her. Instead of being born as a woman, she gets born as a man.

“But remember that the spirit that got into that pregnancy is that of a woman and now manifest as a man. When he sees a man, he is attracted to her, you know why? Because the spirit in him is a woman’s spirit. Very few people can tell you this.”

Pete has been making headlines in recent times for his bold statements and opinions to sensitive social issues.

In January 2020,  a clip made the rounds on social media showing the respected veteran actor saying that Nigerian men who kneel to propose are not just “fools,” but “compound buffoons.”

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