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#CoronaVirus: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive To Coronavirus (Video)

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirms developing mild symptoms of Covid-19 and says he will continue to lead the UK’s response to the pandemic while self-isolating in Downing Street.

The 55-year-old PM revelled this today, March 27 and said he developed mild symptoms of the virus with a temperature and persistent cough. He has been advised by a chief medical officer and he took the test and it came out positive.

He said he is working from home while self-isolating and that wouldn’t stop him from leading the fight against coronavirus.

He thanked everyone as well as NHS Staff’s who are working 247 in hospitals to contain the virus. He also thanked the nation for listening and staying at home, and also for showing their support to NHS last night after they received a national clap from Britons across the country.

He also thanked Social care workers, teachers and every member of the British public who is doing an amazing national effort towards the eradication of Covid 19.

He made it clear the only way forward is if everyone complied with the measure lead out to stop the speak of the virus and that’s the only way we’re going to beat it. “We’re going to beat it together!” he said.


Photo credit: Twitter/ Boris Johnson

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