“Slavery An Example Of Stories That No Longer Shock Me” – Toniaamaka Chrisokere

    Photo credit: Toniaamaka Chrisokere

    ‘There are some stories
    That NO LONGER shock me
    I no longer buy them

    Stories like they bought us as slaves Because if there weren’t willing sellers
    There won’t be willing buyers…

    Africans practised slave trade
    Long before the Oyibos arrived

    Some families sold
    Their daughters to feed
    Some exchanged their sons
    For financial gain

    Some shared with their wives
    With men stronger than them
    For security and stability

    Some sold their voice
    To the powerful
    To live

    If we weren’t use to
    Buying and selling each other
    It wouldn’t have been easy
    For the Oyibos to penetrate

    And take the market
    To an international level

    One person can’t sell
    A bunch of people and
    Getaway with it without
    The community fighting
    Against it as one voice…
    And not wine or STOP it
    The business started
    From the GRASSROOT

    Slave trade is still ongoing
    Some have baptized it favour
    To tread their child for a meal
    And sponsorship

    Child trafficking is still on-going
    And so is adult trafficking
    The desire for a greener pasture
    Makes people do all sorts

    Some have sold their birth-rights
    Some have sold their voice and
    Have become voiceless
    In order to survive
    For those stronger than them
    Are capable of sending
    Them to join their ancestors

    As you question what’s
    Happening around you
    Think DEEPER.

    There’s more to what we’re taught
    There’s more to what we’re told
    There’s more to what we see
    There’s more to what we hear
    There’s more to what we feel

    By gathering it all
    And process in honesty
    You’ll see lies and TRUTH
    Separating giving
    You a clear opportunity
    Where to BELONG…..

    If you choose to become a victim
    You’ll sing along with your co-victims
    If you choose to become a VICTOR
    You’ll sing along with your fellow VICTORS

    If you choose to become your own person
    You’ll first stand alone before
    Your kind will spot you
    And join you or you join them

    We’re all unique
    Some sing along
    An already written song
    While some write a new some
    And some EDIT an already existing song.

    Written by : Toniaamaka Chrisokere


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