Nigeria Diplomat Confronts Chinese Officials Over Maltreatment of Nigerian Diasporas | Video


The video of a Nigeria top diplomat in China comforting Chinese officials over its maltreatment of Nigerians living in the country has gone viral on social media.

The community of Nigerians living in China is currently on edge after widespread accounts were shared on social media of people being left homeless over the past week, following China’s warning against imported coronavirus cases into the country.

The video shows the consul-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou, China, Mr. Anozie Madaubuchi Cyril, locked in a heated exchange with his Chinese counterparts,  demanding to know why Nigerians are being kicked out of their apartment.

Mr Anozie insisted that no Chinese citizen has been served the same treatment in Nigeria, neither has China treated citizens of other countries with confirmed cases of the respiratory disease like it does to Nigerians.

Having curbed the spread of coronavirus in China, Nigerians who travelled to China claim they were treated by the plague and asked to leave so as not to bring the infection back to the Asian country.

There have been disturbing videos of Nigerians being kicked out of their homes and unto the street in China.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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