Singer Seyi Shay Reacts to Her Semi-Nude Photos on Instagram, Says Her Account Has Been Hacked


music diva Seyi Shay has taken to social media to alert fans that her Instagram account has been compromised.

Earlier on Thursday, May 21, 2020, three rare semi-nude photos of Seyi appeared on her page on the picture-sharing platform. The photos which showed her in skimpy clothing caught the attention of fans and colleagues alike.

However, Seyi has now announced on Twitter that her account is no longer under her control and she did not consent to the posting of those photos

She made this known after the post was brought to her attention by industrial colleagues who approached her via other channels.

According to the singer, her Instagram account has been compromised and her privacy is being violated.

“I cannot tell why/who is doing this, but my IG account has been compromised & my privacy is being violated. Seems to be a deliberate attack as the photos circulating are not from a recent exchange. Please ignore all DMs from my account and do not share any personal info,” she wrote.

Seyi added that her management are currently working to regain control of the account.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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