Browny Igboegwu -“The Only food My God Eats Is Praises Not Seed or Offering”


Popular Nollywood Actor Browny Igboewu continues to celebrate and give testimony after welcoming his first bundle of joy. The actor who welcomed “a baby girl” with his Canadian wife Becky Udoka Browny after ten years of marriage penned a thanksgiving speech and said:

“Refecting after posting a picture of a little boy who made him a father before he had his own child. He said: “I want to specially use this medium to thank this my little boy bobo like we fondly call him for giving my wife and I hope and standing in the gap of our childlessness. When my wife came to Canada, she met this child who fell in love with her and loves to be around her always.  When I visited and saw the bond between them, I had no choice bc the boy is such a lovely child. I remember one day we visited the child and when we were leaving, he couldn’t let us go and he was crying profusely that we had to carry him along. While we were leaving my wife looked me in the face and said to me nnaa I will not only give you a child but will give you children, I know how you feel now”  From that moment on our prayer patter changed to thanksgiving and here we are today. Bobo, I want to thank you so much for making me a father even before I became a father and now you have a sister to play with and to protect.  My advice, If your prayer pattern has been of petition and it’s not working, try thanksgiving and praises and see my God in action. The only food my God eats is praises not SEED or OFFERING”

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Announcing the arrival of his baby a few days ago on social media,

He said “My tears may be seen in your eyes like tears of joy for what God has done for but no it’s not. My heart bleeds because there are so many people facing similar or even worse cases in their marriages and most of them do not have the support of their husbands, friends and family. May God look with pity at my tears and show them mercy. I know what my wife went through emotionally for this 10yrs and I thank God for the grace to stand by her. God bless all the women seeking for the fruit of the womb. If He did it for me, He will do it for you just believe”


Congratulations to this beautiful family; Indeed, God is “capably” more than able to make any impossibility possible!

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