Seyitan Babatayo Reveals Timeline of Rape Incident Involving Singer Dbanj in New Press Statement

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Seyitan has come forth with more damming stories of her alleged sexual molestation by singer Dbanj.

Seyitan Babatayo, the young lady who has been in the news after she accused music star Dbanj of raping her, has released a statement which details the timeline of events that has proceeded since she came out with her rape story.

Seyitan who has now made a criminal
complaint to the police revealed in a press release that she was threatened by the singer and his team following the decision to go public with her story.

In her statement, the woman stressed that she was ‘violated and raped’ by D’banj after he allegedly gained access into her hotel room on December 30, 2018. She stated that she was held captive by the music star and his team at an undisclosed location and forced to retract the rape allegations.

She also revealed that she had tried to give a detailed account of her experience at Bar Beach Police Station in Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday, June 6, but “that attempt was thwarted by an officer of the law at the said Police barracks.”

Seyitan added that her decision to come out with her story was not for clout or monetary purposes as all she wants from the singer is an apology for what he did to her.

The lady went on to note that she has now gotten the services of a law firm in Abuja to handle her case. She also thanked those who rallied around her to support her during the period.

See the full statement below:

Photo Credit: Instagram


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