Top 5 Celebrity Moms Who Are Doing A Great Job & Have No Time For Lazy Men


Regardless of whether they’re single moms by decision, separate, a disastrous misfortune or heartbreaking relationship that simply didn’t work out, these celebrated single moms certainly characterize a true definition of being single moms.

Celebs like Genevieve Nnaji, Waje, Tonto Dikeh and a host of other confident women are proud to be single moms to their adorable kids.

While making a balance between their family lives and careers in the entertainment line either as a musician, model, media personality or actor, these celebs are having a thumbs up for the great upbringing of their kids on their own and making it look easy-peasy; playing the role of mother and father.

Here is a rundown of five Nigerian killing celebs who are single moms;

5. Mercy Aigbe

According to Mercy Aigbe, she went through hell during these times as she had to sell pieces of jewellery at Yaba to pay for the tuition fees of her daughter.

The single mother of two (Juwon Gentry and Michelle Aigbe) and Lanre Gentry got separated due to domestic violence.

The Nollywood actress confidently aired her thoughts as she shared her ordeal on how she struggled as a single mother to raise her daughter; advising other single mothers out there that they should not give up as their sacrifices and hard work will surely pay one day.

“Special shout out to all the single moms…I can relate, hmm I remember when I had to go sell my gold jewellery at Yaba just to pay Michelle‘s school fees and for us to feed. I went through ‘HELL’. Please stay focused, be determined, be hardworking and prayerful, put all your trust in the Lord because “we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus” and trust me you will rise above those challenges. To all mothers, mothers to be, may the Lord continue to strengthen us and may we eat the fruit of our labour IJN. Responsible daddies you ain’t left out. Thank you all once again.” She wrote.

Here are lovely photos of mom and kids…

4. Yvonne Nelson

The Ghanian actress in October of 2019 tweeted;

” Parenting is tough!!!!! I respect mothers. Like every day, my respect just goes up! How did our mothers do it??? Wow! “ she added.

The 34 year old actress is one proud single mother who isn’t apologetic about her situation and is more focused on givinger her daughter all the best in life.

To protect her beautiful daughter from throlls, she deleted the Instagram account she created for her and stopped posting her photos on her own verified Instagram page just to protect her.


 3.Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh

The Nigerian actress, a single mom of one (King) takes her stand that with or without a male partner, she can and will stand and give her kid the best he ever deserves. The philanthropsoit and business woman was invited to make a speech at the AFRICAN LEADING WOMEN CONFERENCE where she spoke about the secrets of a single mother’s success. Here’s a video of the TV goddess making her speech;

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BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILDREN. You must be intentional with building a relationship with your children. Their dad is absent, and you must make sure you build a friendship with them; an atmosphere of vulnerability and openness where they can talk to you about anything at all. Parenting is like a war between you and the world and you have to win by spending time with your kids or else the world will snatch them from you and instill bad values in them. EXPOSE THEM TO CREDIBLE MALE MENTORS If you know men who share same values with you; values you’d love your children to imbibe and cultivate, expose them to these men; could be a friend, uncle, pastor, coach, but please make sure they are trustworthy to avoid sexual abuse because a lot is happening. If you must expose them to male mentors as female children, please teach about abuse, let them know what it means to be touched inappropriately, and make them feel safe to open up to you. SAVING AND EARLY PLANNING. As a single mom, sometimes it gets overwhelming to cater for the financial and material needs of your children, and you must adopt the system for saving. Open an account for them where you periodically drop some amount there. It doesn’t always have to be for a particular purpose but for unforeseen dry days. Plan! Don’t leave things to chance. If I I want to go on a vacation with them, start planning early enough. This way you don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

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Here are adorable photos of Tonto Dikeh and 4 year old King Andre


“If you are a single mom, you are a single mom. It doesn’t make you any less a mom and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

These are the words of the famous singer, Waje, she believes that if you’re a mom, own it!


1.Tiwa Savage

The Nigerian musician recently aired her point over the media with respect to this issue on the 5th of September,2020, she said; “My journey is like to show other women that your life is not over yet because you are married, because you have kids, because you are a single mom because you’re not in your 20s or in your teens. You can start your dream when God says that’s when you’re supposed to start

The mother of one is determined make many life dealings and go far in terms of living her dreams, shedding of guilt or shame the society may impose on her.

Here is a video she shared on Instagram with her young son Jamil.


Indeed these women have wowed us as they play the role of both parents! Do you think effective parenting can be carried out single-handedly?


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