5 Companies Who Financially Supported The #EndSARS Movement You Need To Know


    N igerian companies and new enterprises have shown support for the #EndSARS protest by financially supporting the cause with generous donations.

    The ongoing #EndSARS protest has picked up from one side of the country to the other, yet additionally overall consideration over the most recent couple of days with protest all the while occurring in a few urban communities around the globe.

    The protest which is a stand against Police brutality and the ensuing require the disbandment of the Federal Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force over allegations of badgering, kidnapping, blackmail and murder, has picked up the help of a few Nigerian companies, organizations and new businesses, as they make gifts to help the reason.

    Here’s a list of companies that financially lent helping hands to this movement;


    The management of Flutterwave Inc has reported the launch of a public fund toward the support of the hospital expenses of those harmed during the protest against the brutality of the officers of the Federal Anti-Robbery Squad.

    As a demonstration of solidarity and taking the lead, the CEO and co-founder of Flutterwave Inc, Olugbenga Agboola, reported through his confirmed Twitter handle that the staff of the previously mentioned enterprise have so far raised the whole of N2 million inside as help to casualties, and have likewise chosen to make the fund open to people in general in order to raise more for the reason.


    One of Nigeria’s fintech new companies, Paystack and Cowrywise have declared that they will each give a sum of N1 million to associations zeroing in on social equity and the improvement of the life of the Nigerian youths.


    A Global UK based non-benefit, AdamStart, on Tuesday, launched an emergency fund with $10, 000 to help youth in Nigeria following interest for the prohibition of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

    He was assertive that;

    “You will note this weekend that young people in Nigeria are unhappy and are protesting, calmly, and with purpose. In London, diasporans follow them. “This is because of the brutality and unwarranted targeting, some of which I have been witness to, a lot of which has happened to friends and colleagues, by the SARS division of the police force. “I am writing to enquire as to a global citizen, representing fellow humans, who have the same rights to life and opportunities as anyone else – how can we allow this to happen in the 21st century? “You do not need me to tell you about the past. I can tell you about the future – it will be dark if we do not do anything about this. Should I have to hear my friend tell me about when he was held almost at gunpoint because he was intelligent and successful enough to have an iPhone? Do I need to be in the back of a car in Lagos with an officer interrogating a group of my friends over their looks? To me, this treatment has gone beyond lawless, it is simply inhumane.”

    4. BUDGIT

    BudgIT, Nigeria’s city tech organisation, raising the standards of transparency, citizen engagement and accountability in public finance; made a gift of N500,000 to help the clinical costs of Miss Ndubueze Isioma Joy, who is going through treatment in the emergency clinic subsequent to enduring a gunfire wound during the protest.

    BudgIT Nigeria (@BudgITng) | Twitter


    Feminist Coalition, a Nigerian women’s activist set, set up to contradict injustice through peaceful protests, raising fund, and online organisation; raised N25,181,051.34 on the 13th of October.

    According to them, donations made would be utilized on First Aid, masks, bail, medical clinic charges, food, water, glucose for protesters, and furthermore for the arrangement of legitimate guide to protesters, who have been arrested on the front line.

    Recently, donations are only being accepted in Bitcoin using BTCPay.

    In their support, they further stated that “young people should be able to exercise their constitutional rights. why are fundraising efforts to protect  the lives and welfare of the Nigerian youth being blocked?”

    Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Supports The #EndSARS Protest & Donation

    The question is, how will the protest end as some youth have lost their lives in its course.


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