Top 5 BBN Season 5 Male Housemates Whose Fashion Styles Are On Point! Laycon Didn’t Even Hit top 5


Big Brother Naija 2020 edition did not only introduced us to beautiful people, but it also exposed us to fashion woke men, who after the show ended have been flooding our Insta timeline with amazing fashion styles and swag. Most of them who happened to be in the light atmosphere and ecstatic mood could not hold back this features as it is revealed through their outfit, I’d rather we commended that their choice of style is on point!

Without being said, let’s have a quick rundown on the top five BBN season 5 male housemates with the most stunning fashion looks!

TOP 5!

5. Brighto

Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame aka Brighto is a 29-year-old sailor from Edo State. He holds a degree in Marine Engineering from Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt with several other professional certifications. He also had a stint in the aviation sector, considering himself as an avid entertainment lover and a people’s person.

See Brighto in a black hoodie gotten from@theapcollections.

It seems Brighto has a spec for clotheslines gotten from @shoplscdesigns

Brighto really is a slayer even with this outfit by @shoplscdesigns

OMG! this is on point! Take a careful look at the combination of the red suit and the shoes gotten from @princecollection4royalty. This styling was made by @morafa_official.

4. Praise

Praise Nelson is a 28-year-old dancer from Enugu. He long been in the business of dance contests, he was a winner at the K-Pop World Festival, South Korea 2015 and won third place at a national Dance Competition in 2010. He is also a fitness and personal trainer and a certified Latin ballroom expert.

I was wondering why Praise wouldn’t be “grateful for life” as he captions this photo; when his healthy state of being is evident in his physic.@telvinnwafor is credited for this gorgeous outfit.

Here’s Praise in a suit that fits him perfectly, credits go to @telvinnwafor for the outfit and @TTdalk for the belt and classy pair of shoes.

3. Eric

Eric Akhigbe, who is a 24-year old final year student at the University of Lagos and hails from Edo State, it a bodybuilder who is egotic about his 1.95m height.  Although he describes himself as a lively, competitive sports and fitness enthusiast who enjoys winning, he revealed that he is that shy person who takes his time to unveil his wild side.

See Eric in an ” angel energy” Fit by @michealblackcollection

A nicely fitted outfit on Eric, all thanks to @labaleo. Eric is on this!

Yeah, Eric goes all white! Of course aside from his sunshades lol.

See Eric hyping the Nigerian colour, i.e., green and white; his white durag really looks nice on him though.

Well, Eric deserves some accolade for this choice of style; nonetheless, lots of fans got themselves having him as the MCM of the week.

2. Ozo

Ozoemena “Ozo” Chukwu is a 27-year old consultant and entrepreneur who hails from Imo State. Working with a UEFA Federation in Europe is one of his greatest achievements. What more could be expected, other than him consulting or managing his urban clothing line.

See Ozo in an outfit by

He captions this photo ” all me to introduce myself Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu!! The ultimate light skin ” What a classy choice of style! All set for BBN finale. Outfit by @davidwej

Here’s Ozo, all set for the All White party with a clear all-white fashion style gotten from @tribesbynobs

Spot Ozo in a Yellow outfit gotten from

1. Prince

Nelson Enwerem Prince is a 24-year old entrepreneur from Abia whose portfolio juggles between modelling, fashion designing and interior decoration. He enjoys active sports and reading about ancient religions and African history. He’s a graduate of pure physics from the University of Calabar and presently resides in Lagos.

“You can pay for school, but you can’t buy CLASS” you should also agree to this; stylist:@swankyerry

“Being happy never goes out of style for the men of class…” as he would say. Outfit by @jeffurbanclothing

Prince fashion style was a whole glamour for the grand finale of BBN season 5

Prince is definitely a spec! His choice of style is out of this world. Here is an outfit occasioned for the all-white party. Styled by @swankyjerry

The fashion style of these BBNaija reality stars is insurmountably apt! How could the winner himself @laycon not fall into this category? Without a doubt, he is making some effort, but looking at all these fashion and swag, Laycon has a lot to catch up on.

Do you agree with our pick? Who is your number one BBNaija Lockdown edition male fashionista?


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