Davido Mentioned as British Models Fight Dirty Over Alleged Trip With Singer


Davido was caught in the crossfire as two British models called each other out over an alleged trip they took with the singer.

Nigerian singer Davido has been dragged into a recent online scuffle between British-Nigerian models, Eva and her former bestie, Kenza.

In the Twitter fight which centered on allegations of “jealousy and stalking”, Kenza alleged that Eva once made her come as plus one during a trip to the famous Greek Island of Mykonos with Davido.

Davido was mentioned as British Models Eva and Lenza fought dirty over an alleged trip they took with the singer.

Her grievance was wrapped around the fact that Eva made her look like an escort throughout the duration of the trip.

Kenza went further to state that Eva had no qualms going out with Davido despite being aware that his baby mama, Chioma Rowland, was pregnant for him at the time.


Davido is yet to react to the tweets where he was accused of taking the models out on a trip while his fiancee was heavily pregnant.

Davido and his fiancée Chioma.

It is worth pointing out that Mykonos is a vacation destination famous for exceptional beaches, restaurants, parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels and shopping malls.

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