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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Simi & Adekunle Gold Marriage Facing The Test Of Time?

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If you are looking for 101 reasons to hate fame, Adekunle Gold and Simi’s difficult marital journey should top the list. Prior to January 2019, when they finally tied the nuptial knot, the celebrity couple had used every trick in the book to keep the paparazzi away from their relationship. While other celebrities basked in the attention, the media was giving them. The talented musicians hid from it. Their traditional wedding, white wedding, honeymoon, and even their pregnancy were guarded like state top secret.

But just when they started letting their guard down and began opening up to their fans, all the while sharing intimate moments on social media and adorable moments with their daughter, Jare, their fame struck them hard. And in this case, where it hurt the most. On Sunday night, March 2, 2021, when Nigerians were waiting for Burna Boy’s chain to spin like that of 6ix9ine, Kasala burst and e even full ground. An explosive report from an Instagram blogger alleged that AGBaby could not keep it in his pants. Releasing Nigerians from the delusion that their favourite celebrity marriage is far from being perfect, they alleged that he is sleeping with not one, not two, but three side chicks, including the model, featured on the music video of ‘Jore’.

Fans took to arguing if the allegations are true or not, why others question why such allegation was convinced in the first place. We all know the saying, there is no smoke without fire. How true is this proverb when it comes to baby and Simi’s marriage?

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Marriage and Baby

The couple got married in a private white wedding ceremony in January 2019. Shockingly, they didn’t tell a soul except the 300 guests invited. Regardless, Nigerians got a whiff of the gist after a kind media personality shared on social media snippets of the beautiful wedding held at Eko Atlantic City. Their traditional wedding and honeymoon in South Africa that followed were kept secret yet again. But since then, they have been trying to come out of the box, and their public display of affection and love has been rated the best on social media.

Cheating Scandal

As if things could only get worse for them, there are shocking reports of Adekunle Gold cheating on Simi. On March 21, 2021, an Instagram blogger published reports that Adekunle Gold cannot keep it in his pants and has been unfaithful to his wife. Alleging that he flirts with other women with reckless abandon, the blogger said he is having an affair with Teminikan. The model featured on ‘Jore’ music video. They said he was sleeping with her on set when Simi was pregnant. That’s not all. AGBaby was alleged to be sleeping with two other side chicks, adding that Simi may be aware of her husband’s randy nature.

As the news broke out, a popular influencer, Pam Pam, debunked the reports saying that if it was true, he would have heard about it in town. Teminikan, one of the alleged side chicks, also debunked the reports saying that God will vindicate her. As Nigerians debate the validity of the scandal, many worry about their almost perfect marriage.

Adekunle Gold and Simi have not addressed or debunked the cheating rumours. Looking at their social media activities, the couple appeared to be using the opportunity to promote their brand and music. Simi is very much being the doting mother of a toddler and is worried about her sleep. At the same time, Adekunle Gold is busy promoting his new singles and features.

One of the ladies rumoured to be Adekunle Gold’s side chick has spoken out. The video vixen who goes by the name, Teminikan took to her Instastory to reveal how the last couple of days has been traumatizing for her with unverified news reports. She said it affected her family, work, relationship and brand. However, she did not deny or accept dating the married father of one.

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