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You Are Not A Celebrity Until Fans Tattoo Your Name or Face On Their Body

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Die-hard fans of Nigerian celebrities are known to go any length to show their love for their favourite. While some ask for selfies, autographs, buy tickets to their music concert or movies showing in the cinema, others engage in cyberwar on end on social media defending, praising, and promoting their favourite celebrity.

But recently, fans have taken things a little bit too far and have been tattooing either the names or faces of their favourite celebrity. Not minding the pain and health risk associated with imprinting a tattoo.

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Interestingly, many celebrities encourage the tattoo frenzy as they give monetary and other gifts to these brave fans and sometimes repost them on their social media pages to appreciate them. In more exciting news, we bring it to you that since the ongoing tattoo frenzy among celebrities fans started in January, We’ve done our research. Today, we’ll be looking at 11 celebrities who have been lucky, should we say, honoured with tattoos by fans. 


  1. Davido: Taking our top spot on this list is Fem Crooner, Davido. Without a doubt, he is one of the most loved celebrities in Nigerians, and his fans go any length to show how much they love him and his music, making him be the first celebrity in Nigeria to be tattooed by a fan. As far back as 2018, before fame found her, BBNaija Star Symply Tacha got a tattoo of the OBO logo on her cleavage just to show how much she loves Davido. This marked the beginning of more fans showing their love and support to the singer through tattoos.

2020 also saw about three fans get tattoos of the Jowo singer. In July of the same year, a die-hard fan took it upon herself to tattoo his name and all his songs. In August 2020, another fan tattoed OBO logo on his thigh. Fast forward to November 2020. Another fan tattooed the release date, the title of Davido’s then soon to be released album, A Better Time, alongside a tattoo of OBO logo on his chest.

Amidst the tattoo frenzy of February 2021, again, a female fan of the singer tattooed an image of him and his three children on her back. Davido, in turn, has been appreciating the gesture and show of love.

  1. Bobrisky: Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky holds the record for having the most fans who tattooed his name and face on their bodies. So far, at list 12 die-hard fans have tattoed him to express their excessive love for him, and, surprisingly, the numbers seem to be on the rise daily. The crossdresser fans started the ongoing tattoo frenzy as his generosity towards fans encouraged other people to print his name on their body.

The frenzy began after a die-hard Boborisky fan in January 2021 tattooed an image of him on her back, and Bobrisky rewarded her with 1 million Naira. After sending her the money, Bobrisky reportedly gifted the same fan an additional 3 million Naira to start a business. An all-expense-paid trip to Dubai and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. He said he aims to lift her from poverty permanently.

Apart from giving fans rewarding fans for the tattoos, Bobrisky also reposts their tattoo image and sometimes comments to show he does take their love for granted.

Interesting, some of Bobrisky fans who did not think about the ugly sides of getting a tattoo have since been counting their woes. One of such ladies, identified as Ewatomi Gold, was beaten on the streets of Lagos by hoodlums for having a tattoo of Bobrisky. After recounting the sad incident on her page, Bobrisky, who initially did not acknowledge her gesture reached out to her and gifted her an undisclosed sum of money. Another lady claimed her father disowned her, and her current situation is unknown.

  1. Naira Marley: Self-acclaimed president of the Marlians is one of the many celebrities honoured by fans with tattoos. Marlians have been tattooing his name or image and share it online for Naira Marley to see. The Opotoyi singer equally reposts their shared images and appreciates them with kind words. He commented on a pretty fan post who tattooed his name on her laps in one of such cases, saying, “Guys look again. Goddamit. I’m speechless again. The love is real.”
  2. Wizkid: Where dedicated fans of Starboy are concerned, they have no problem going through the pain of getting a star boy’s tattoo. At least two fans have tattooed Wizkid’s name and face on their bodies since January 2021. One of such fans got a tattoo of Wizkid on his arm. An elated Wizkid, in return, appreciated the fans to his millions of follower on Instagram.
  3. Burna Boy: Fans of the self-acclaimed African Giant are not left out from the tattoo frenzy. A male fan in early February inked the ‘Way too big’ singer’s name on his arm. Another lady tattooed an image of his face on her chest. Sadly, Burna Boy, who is infamous for being snobbish, never acknowledged their brave gesture. 
  4. Nkechi Blessing Sunday: Among the many celebrities in Nigeria, popular Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday was chosen to be tattooed by fans. A young female fan of hers got a tattoo that reads, “NBS to the world”, which she posted online. The actress, who was not too pleased with the gesture or too broke to appreciate her, as Bobrisky said, took to her Instagram page to humiliate her gan. She promised not to give the fan a dime while telling the fan that she didn’t ask to be tattoed.

After Bobrisky shaded celebrities who are being rude to fans that tattooed their names and images, Nkechi Blessing took down the post and apologized. But it didn’t end here rather in a public showdown with Bobrisky.

  1. Ka3na: BBNaija lockdown star, Ka3na a.k.a, the boss lady, holds the title for the first BBNaija star to be tattoed by a fan. But many have chastized her for not handling the gesture by the fan with maturity. Seeing how the tattoo frenzy was spreading like wildfire, Ka3na tweeted that she would love her fans to tattoo her name or image on their bodies. And a die-hard fan took it upon herself to do it. Sadly it ended in tears. After the fan posted a tattoo photo, the reality star called out and humiliated the fan. Interestingly, other actors such as Ada Ameh, T-Boss, Kelly Hansome, and the Yul Edochie all openly shamed Ka3na for being both a hypocrite and insensitive.

In a teary state, her fan renounced her support for the Boss Lady and said she was thinking of commit suicide over the humiliation.

  1. Regina Daniels: Nollywood actress Regina Daniels best known for her marriage to 60-year-old politician, Ned Nwoko has also been tattooed by her loyal fans. Between days in February of this year, two of her fans had a tattoo of her name on their bodies, and Regina Daniels appreciated them for the amazing gesture.
  2. Kate Henshaw: On February 23, a die-hard fan of the veteran actress got a tattoo of her name on his arm. Unlike other celebrity fans who wait to be appreciated, he shared a photo of the tattoo with a list of demands to be met by Kate for the gesture. His demands which have been likened to a bride price list include, PS5 (even if na London-used), Lunch with the actress 5 times a week for a year, 2 matured life turkeys, social media following, 2 bags of rice, and 3 Adidas sneakers of different colours. The playful actress responded by saying she did not ask to be tattooed, so she is not obliged to meet his demands.
  3. Denrele Edun: Popular blogger Blessing Okoro identified herself as a die-hard fan of media personality Denrele Edun when she got a tattoo of one of his popular sayings in February of 2021. The tattoo which the mother of two got reads, “Denrele Edun said be mad, make a difference.” Appreciating her, Denrele reposted it on his page and called it a “stupendous honour” as well as one of the best valentine’s gifts he has ever received.
  4. Erica: So it won’t appear that they are slacking on the tattoo frenzy. The Elites have been inscribing Erica’s name on their bodies with pens. Apparently, they are not ready to go through excruciating pain to show their love for reality TV stars. A fan who happens to be an upcoming comedian even went as far as deceiving her. He posted a photo of what appeared to be a real tattoo of Erica’s name on Instagram. In a bid to appreciate the gesture, Erica promised to give him 1 million Naira and asked him to send his details. But before she transferred the money, she requested a video of him getting the tattoo done which he couldn’t provide. Viola. He was busted for faking he got a tattoo. Apparently, he used a photo editing app.

So there you have it. It looks like the Tatoo trend, or shall we say frenzy, is only just starting. And more true fans could be getting the face and names of their favourite celebrity soon. 

Do you think Bobrisky is doing the right thing to encourage the tattoo frenzy? 

Do you think fans tattooing celebrities’ names or images to show their love is excessive? 

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