House of Reps Receives a Proposal to Change Nigeria’s Name to UAR? See Some Epic Reactions From Nigerian!


On Wednesday, June 2nd 2021, a Nigerian tax consultant by the name, Adeleye Jokotoye has submitted a proposal to the committee of the South West Zonal Public Hearing in Lagos.

Jokotoye while presenting the proposal said Nigeria’s current name was an imposition of its past colonial masters and should be changed. He added that a change of name for the country would physically and psychologically reflect a new beginning.

“At this crossroads in our history, it is mandatory that we change our name to reflect a new beginning which will be ushered in with a new constitution,” he said.

Jokotoye explained that he choose the United African Republic because Nigeria is made up of hundreds of ethnic groups that need to be united. 

Well, Nigerians are reacting on Twitter and here are some of the Tweets.

Do you agree with the name United African Republic (UAR)?

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