Kenya Denies Being Involve or Playing Any Part In Nnamdi Kanu’s Arrest Indicating He Was Drugged & Abducted by Nigerian Agents!

    On Tuesday, June 2nd, Kenyan Authorities finally reacted to reports circulating that they played a huge role in the Abduction of the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This is coming after the Nigerian… Abubakar Malami reported that he was repatriated back to Nigeria without revealing the foreign country who helped them in capturing the Agitation leader.
    Three days after the Nigerian government announced capturing Nnamdi Kanu and refusing to show him to the public except for the pictures they published.
    There is no evidence that the Nigerian authorities worked in collaboration with any other government or involved Interpol or any other international agency. Well, they haven’t mentioned any particular organisation or body and non is taking the glorly.
    Abubakar Malami hasn’t yet produced an extradition document signed by a Kenyan minister nor a deportation order issued by a court of law. Most people are begging to believe that it looks like a kidnapping and an abduction criminal, something very familiar with Fulani herdsmen.
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