Bovi slams Director of Nollywood,Niyi Akinmolayan saying- You’re a clout chaser.


Comedian Bovi slammed Nollywood director, Niyi Akinmolayan, portraying him as a clout chaser for fostering his movie after he purposefully declined not to identify with the project since it arrived.

Bovi the comedian/actor premiered his latest comedy movie, ‘My Village People’ which was promoted by Akinmolayan. But in a lengthy post on Saturday, Bovi indicted the director trying to shut down his set during their shoot following a dispute about the movie script.

After the said fall-out, Bovi claimed the procedure to making the movie became ‘lame’ and ‘purposefully mediocre.’ He went on to narrate how he was advised to refuse to take notice of Akinmolayan and concentrate on project round-up.

The comedian again hit Akinmolayan for just coming out to support the movie because the project is doing well without him.

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