Obi Cubana Is Foolish For Having That Type Of “Show Off” In His Mother’s Burial? His money is obviously ill-gotten?


It seems certain Nigerians are good at telling people how to spend their money. The burial of Obi Cubana’s mother was received with both hushed monotones and loud criticisms. There are even sectors of the society making it a tribal issue. “It is only Igbos that can exhibit this type of foolishness,” someone was seen sparking on Facebook. Let me keep aside this statement that’s rich in “mumurity.” However; I’ve also observed that different crowds seem to go with the notion, that he was foolish – not citing his being Igbo as responsible like the other “mumu” did – for entertaining the public with such display of wealth.

So, he is foolish for having that type of burial?

Well, he has the money and has his priorities. Are you his mother? Do you know what his mother meant to him? While many saw him as being foolish, some of us saw a man who was having fun and increasing his business profile, while paying the final respect to his mother.

Some world Billionaires have indicated interest in a voyage to space, using Elon Musk’s latest innovation. That’s the way these men want to have fun and could possibly check the need to explore space for some business benefits. 

This is their way of having fun, while seeking business ideas. 

There are billionaires who derive joy in collecting different colours of expensive cars they love – car collectors. Some even collect classic cars as old as 1965.

There are billionaires who derive joy in collecting mansions – house collectors. Cristiano Ronaldo just sold one of his mansions, and the buyer could be a collector. It could just be for fun of the fact that the Talismanic footballer lived there.

Most of the money seen flying about, were deeds by the people he raised. There are evident testimonies of people he has raised to become billionaires and millionaires – it abounds in his community, and all over Nigeria. There is a reason he is called “Okpataraozueora-oba.” He has earned it.

This is a man whose business is mainly inclined towards entertainment. The deeds of making money fly around, could be his own way of having fun. And trust me, his business profile just increased – he’ll make more money now.

Those who had no knowledge of his existence before, are well-aware of his identity now.

We’re talking about a man who gets paid some money when some drinks are taken by consumers all over the world – he has some shares in companies you wouldn’t even believe.

What’s stopping some persons from making money, is actually the mindset that every wealthy man must have soiled his hands. Until some persons are able to do away with such mentality, they’ll obviously remain stagnant in their financial journey.

Video Highlight of Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial – Press Play

Written by: Edward Amah

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