Space Holiday; Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder’s Wealth Crashes Following His Planned Space Tour


More than N492.93 billion was wiped off the fortune of Jeff Bezos on Monday, July 19, who is the wealthiest person on earth. The Amazon founder’s wealth diminished as he plans to be the second billionaire to tour space after Virgin Galactic boss, Richard Branson The eCommerce businessman is going to space with his brother, Mark Bezos, and would also take Oliver Daemen, who will become the youngest person to visit.

Jeff Bezos fortune has come down significantly one day to his vacation to space. The Amazon founder is preparing to leave earth as the second billionaire to do so.

Bezos lost N492.93 billion from his wealth which dropped by 0.60% after Amazon market valuation crashed by 0.67% on Monday, July 19, 2021, losing $24.04 on its share price, according to Forbes.

Jeff Bezos is currently worth $203.7 billion on Forbes wealthiest person’s list, while on Bloomberg Billionaire Index, the eCommerce giant was valued at $204 billion.

What you need to know about Bezos. The significant fall in Bezos fortune came at a time his spacecraft company, Blue Origin, is targeting to launch its first humans to space, with Bezos’ brother, Mark, Oliver Daemen, and Wally Funk named as passengers. Flying on New Shepherd, which is the spacecraft owned by Blue Origin, cost Daemen, who will be the youngest person on space, $28 million for a seat.

But this historic moment set for today wasn’t strong enough to encourage investors to invest more money in Amazon, from which Bezos sold $1 billion shares yearly, since 2017, to fund Blue Origin. Bezos donates N82.3 billion to fund innovations despite being busy with space travel plans, the billionaire went on with his philanthropy work after donating N82.3 billion to Smithsonian.

The donation is the highest in the history of Smithsonian and will be used to renovate the National Air and Space Museum as well as build an educational centre. The innovation centre will offer science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics studies.

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