Everyone Deserves To Set Their Standards – On Bobrisky’s Choice Of Husband!


People often think it’s wrong for others to have a standard in certain things. Some term it ‘arrogance,’ while others think it’s unnecessary to set standards – “take life as you see it,” they often use, as excuse.

But most people forget that the more you just accept “anything,” the more limited you’ll become in different spheres of your life.

Recently, popular Nigerian trans woman – Bobrisky – has stated the qualities of the type of husband he would want to have. The Ogun State-born self-styled ‘male barbie,’ has given his take on what we call “husband material.” 

While many laughed at the guts with which a trans woman was able to decide this want, others came to understand it from my perspective.

You see; anyone can have a standard, provided you’re not hurting someone.

Ladies should be allowed to have a standard in their choice of marriage partners.

Men should also be allowed to say “if it’s not this type of lady, I’m not wedding.”

People should learn to stop preaching about lowering standards – it’s bad for mental health, and general growth.

People should be intentional about certain decisions that involve their lives, apart from relationships.

Written by: Edward Amah

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