#BBNaija: How Much Is Your Friendship Worth? By Edward Amah


Every friendship has worth and limits. It is essential to know your worth in a relationship, be it mutual, or romantic. It also essential to understand that in every relationship, anything can happen once money is involved.

Recently, fans of Whitemoney – one of the Big Brother Naija Housemates – took to social media to express their anger over Maria nominating their favourite for eviction.

Whitemoney, who had strong suspicion of Maria and Pere being the wildcards, failed to influence other housemates to nominate them for eviction. They’re his friends, he must have thought. Observant fans across social media had these to say:

“I don’t understand it when people keep saying that ‘it’s a game’. Isn’t that the more reason Maria should have been calculative? How smart is it to nominate Whitemoney, same guy who claimed to have saved you from instant eviction? Where’s the logic in that?”

“Whitemoney, your only offence was being loyal to Maria and Pere. You figure they were the wildcards but you didn’t influence the housemates’ decisions to pick them. Man from today onwards all you need to do is cook, eat and cruise we got you till 90million.”

While people spoke against such display of disloyalty from Maria and Pere, others saw it as part of the game, since Whitemoney was seen as a strong contender. A popular twitter influencer – @DrOlufunmilayo – was seen tweeting this:

” Whitemoney is a strong contender. I personally think he will be top five. So, he will be fine even if nominated. However, Maria realizing the guy is a strong contender and nominating him despite their closeness shows she’s a ruthless player with a clear head. I love her for that.”

So, what is the worth of your friendship? Maria was close to him, yet she nominated him. There were other options she could explore, but she nominated her friend, because she considered him a threat.

Is the worth of your friendship with that person, enough to keep him/her loyal to you when money is involved? It’s not as if Whitemoney was the only option for her – there were other housemates to pick from. 

I wouldn’t do that to a friend I value. I am of the opinion that Whitemoney’s worth to Maria isn’t as much as people thought. She’s of precious worth to him – since he didn’t nominate her for eviction – but he’s of lesser value to him.

It’s important that you know your worth in every friendship.

Written by: Edward Amah

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