If You’re An Adult & Earn Less Than 50k A Month, It Means You’re Lazy?


A few days ago on Facebook, a lady made a post that sparked a lot of issues.  According to her, if you’re earning less than 50k a month as an adult, it means you’re lazy.

While some were supporting her, and while others were trying to give her proper orientation about life, it is important to note this:

The 1000 most hardworking humans on Earth are obviously not in Forbes 50 Richest people on Earth.

Even a primary school pupil understands this logic, and if a survey is carried out, it will shock you.

I can prove this billion of times if I had the time.

People who are never exposed will not understand that success is bred by many factors. Sometimes it’s fate, and sometimes, opportunities play a huge role. Let’s not mention “Grace,” because unbelievers will think it’s not logical.

How about family background? How about religion?  How about environment? Being born “Nigerian” alone is one of the parameters for not succeeding in life, and that’s why we respect people who make it here against all odds.

There are lots of factors to put into consideration. This is why people on social media need to have independent minds of their own.

Before you understand what’s happening, the lady will end all her posts with “ask me how you can make over 50k”

I won’t be shocked if, in the coming days, these hullabaloos will be leading to that. That’s how some network marketing guys start their stunts.

If success was probably the reward for hard work, then you and I will be aspiring truck pushers, bus conductors, or artisans on a construction site.

And please, don’t tell me they’re not working smart — the bottom line is being hardworking or lazy.

And if you should see it from the perspective of being smart, then I’m disappointed if you feel Jeff Bezos and co are the richest because they’re the smartest humans on Earth. They’re not the smartest people on earth. Some billionaires buy ideas from people who have no money to fund these ideas, in case you don’t know.

Written by: Edward Amah

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