Nnamdi Kanu & IPOB Group, Are They Dictators?


“Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are dictators!”

This was the scream of a certain woman a few days ago. According to her, there was need for her father to replace his drugs on a Monday since he had both Prostrate and Ulcer. He needed some relief from the pains and torture that comes with their crisis. 

Prior to that day, they had no idea that Monday was slated for Public Holidays in the East, and will remain so, until the leader of IPOB – Nnamdi Kanu – is released by the Nigerian government.

When she found out, she begged the owner of a pharmaceutical store to help her out. When the young man received the phone call, he crept into his store to get the drugs. Since there was no back door, he was dealt with some blows by supposed IPOB members who were roaming the streets to make sure nobody opened that day.

There were subsequent stories like this on that very day. And there were online videos too. In the forthcoming Mondays, there could be subsequent tales of Igbos being bullied by their brothers, even when it’s a case of emergency.

This got a lot of people talking about the general approach with which IPOB handles things, since their inception. A lot of people take them as dictators, and as people who could do more annoying things than this government if given power.

If some of their members happen to come across this write-up, I wouldn’t be shocked hearing things like “Who is that Idiot writing for Africanglitz?” You could also hear things like “kill him!”

This has been the order of the day, and you begin to wonder the type of freedom you’ll have as a Biafran citizen when the Igbos are finally given the land of Biafra.

You dare not make suggestions for Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB members online. Everything from their quarters seems to indicate Tyranny, even when the Republic of Biafra is yet to come. This calls for concern. You can’t be bullying the people you’re claiming to fight for. Is that in the Handbook of any Freedom-fighting group?

If this continues, I think the road to the redemption of Biafran land will be too long, because you’ll end up instilling fear into the very people whose stands will matter in a referendum. 

The IPOB should change this tyrannical outlook of theirs before it becomes too late.

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