The Nigerian President Annoys Nigerians With Pictures Ff Him Receiving Treatment Abroad, While Nigerian Doctors Are On Strike!


    It is universally acknowledged, that not quite long ago, the supposed “Giant of Africa,” and the most populous black nation on earth, was regarded as the “Poverty Capital of the World.”

    Whether we have left that position or not, seems not to be noticed by Nigerians, for all we have known since the inception of the current Administration, has been pain and suffering. More annoying, is the fact that the Administration which promised us a “one Dollar to one Naira” realization, has seen the Naira experience the highest downturn under it – and this is the poorest state of the Naira, since the history of the country.

    A dollar now equals to around five hundred Naira, coupled with other unfulfilled promises by the current administration. Economists and market trends believe the Naira will continue being devalued unless something is done. The Economy is obviously in a total mess, and the government seems to be clueless.

    Recently, Nigerians expressed their anger, when a recent picture of the President was seen flying around social media, and news outlets. According to some, “he’s receiving treatment abroad while the doctors in his country are on strike.”

    He is enjoying the benefits of a working society, while his society is a ruptured one. Why not do everything humanly possible, to stabilize the healthcare system? Why should doctors be on strike? Nigeria once lost a legendary filmmaker – Amaka Igwe – to doctors’ strike. She had an asthma attack while shooting a new TV series in Enugu, and her inhaler couldn’t remedy the situation. 

    Upon reaching the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, it was confirmed that doctors were on strike. Before other preparations were made to move her to a private hospital, death came. She was the major revolutionary of the Second Generation of Video Film in Nigeria. A legend like that was wasted, because, unlike her contemporaries who abandoned Nigeria for other countries, she decided to believe in Nigeria.

    Statistics show that, since the inception of this current government, over 45000 Nigerian Doctors, have sought peace of mind in the Uk and Europe. This does not include the ones who left for America, nor did we include the ones who left for some Asian countries like UAE, Singapore, and the Philippines.  Nurses are leaving too.

    When Nigerians travel abroad, they find Nigerian doctors in hospitals where they are to receive salvation from poor health. Why can’t this country be made suitable for these doctors to operate?

    What if we wake up someday, and find out that we’ve lost over seventy percent of our health practitioners to other countries?

    If the economy cannot favour Nigerians, is it even possible for us to have primary health care?

    Are we to be hopeful, or are we to wake up to realities which presents us with nothing but hopelessness?

    Written by: Edward Amah


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