“Early Separation Is Better Than Divorce,” Alexx Ekubo’s Fiancee Says, As They Split, 3 Months To Their Wedding!


There was a time people enjoyed listening to love stories about couples preparing to get married, and this was because of its perceived ‘happy ending.’ But these days, we observe the beginning of love stories, with the hope that their endings become happy ones.

The need for the hope has increased, since, in recent times, there is a tremendous increase of ‘sad ending’ in these love stories.

Recently, an Award-winning Nollywood actor and model, Alexx Ekubo and his fiancée, Fancy Acholonu, presented the social media with topics that bred heated arguments. These arguments were born by speculations about their relationship hitting the rocks, which surfaced after Fancy unfollowed Alexx and also deleted their joint Instagram page which was created to showcase their love journey to marriage.

One would wonder what would cause a fiancée to unfollow her lover on Instagram even though he still follows her, especially when their engagement was the talk of the town.

The couple got engaged in Los Angeles, United States of America, and were billed to walk down the aisle in November.

From the reports also making their rounds, Fancy did not only unfollow the actor – but she also blocked him and was also said to have called off their wedding.

This goes on to prove her display of “Early Separation is better than Divorce.”

She understands this concept of not wanting to rush into marriage, as against the usual rush by many ladies who are so eager to answer a ‘Mrs.’ It hurts differently when you’ve made some sacrifices in the marriage, only to file for divorce after years of supposed togetherness.

Couples intending to get married should understand that ‘Peace of Mind’ is paramount in a relationship.

It’s better to call off a wedding than to play a gamble of  “let’s see how it goes.”

Written by: Edward Amah

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