When an Internet Troll Meets Their Victim Face to Face


    It is universally acknowledged that “freedom of expression” is constantly being bastardized on social media platforms. Some people use their expressions to intentionally hurt the feelings of people who have done them no wrong.

    Recently, Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu was beaten by fellow actor Jim Iyke. The latter was enraged by accusations of the former who had questioned his source of wealth on social media and had called him a ritualist.

    In the viral video of Uche Maduagwu receiving a serious beating, you could hear him saying he would call the EFCC for Jim Iyke. You could also hear Jim shouting “you think I won’t find you!” 

    More of these occurrences will happen, for people to learn how to talk on social media. Some are battling cases in court, because of what they said with their keypad. 

    We have also seen cases where people became slaves to depression, simply because of the ill words uttered against them through social media. And most of the time, the words being presented by social media assailants, are usually lies used as a weapon to destroy the image of the person they intend to hurt.

    Some go as far as trolling the individual they dislike, in order to ensure that the impact of the hatred is well-felt – an utter disaster to the life of their target.

    Some victims of social media hatred and trolling, have committed suicide, because the lies spread against them, subjected them to depression. In most cases, the depression simultaneously sets in with the gradual defamation of the person’s identity.  And when the victim isn’t strong enough to defeat the sad emotions bred by these events, he or she gives in to the option presented by depression – suicide. 

    The strong victims tend to look for avenues to get back at their offender, and in recent times, it’s usually through litigation or a brawl.

    People ought to understand that if you cannot, in reality, say those words before the person, then do not say it to them on social media.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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