Alexx Ekubo’s Gay Lover IK Ogbonna Is The Reason His Fiancée Called Off Their Wedding?


When tales about love are being told in recent times, one cannot but imagine how strange it’s quite becoming. These days, you could want someone who is still confused about the orientation of their sexuality, and it could put your feelings in jeopardy.

The public display of affections by gays and lesbians, in recent times, is no longer news to the ears. Sometimes, they appear as a puzzle for us to solve, since Nigeria is a country yet to grant the LGBT Community their rights. There’s even a penalty of 14years in jail if caught in the act. This unacceptance has bred the existence of closet gays, who, sometimes, give us clues that well-explains the possibility of their unconventional love life. So, as a straight lady could fall for a gay man, without knowing, and likewise a straight man for a lesbian lady.

Is Alexx Ekubo gay?

This is the question being presented to the public by the recent pictures of him with actor and colleague, I.K Ogbonna. There’s a recent video of him jetting out with I.K to an unknown destination, and while I.K seemed to be vibe with the song playing in the background, Alexx seemed to be lost in thoughts.

If you recall, on the 26th of August this year, his fiancée – Fancy Acholonu – called off their forthcoming wedding, and ended their much-talked-about relationship. What was her reason for doing so?  “It’s important that everyone finds their happiness and live in their truth,” she said.

“Maybe she found out something about him,” someone said on Facebook.

“Could he be gay?” another person asked.

Some comments online have suggested that he is gay, given his previous appearances with I.K online, not to mention their being together immediately after his relationship with Fancy ended.

The brotherliness with I.K Ogbonna has got some persons assuming things that may not be true. I think his relationship with I.K can be obtained without having any sexual attachments. 

 When you’re in a society where friendship hardly grows into a brotherhood, it’s expected for tongues to wag negatively on your matter, when you achieve that rare feat.

I do not think there is enough proof to state that Alexx is gay.

Written by: Edward Amah

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