Married BBN Female Housemate Tega, Defiles Her Marriage By Making Love To Boma on Screen! – Opinion


It’s no longer news that Big Brother Naija housemate, Tega, slept with another housemate named Boma. What is rather a concern, is the fact that Tega is married outside the house.

So, this brings this question of “what was she thinking?”

A lot of ladies went on to make use of so many derogatory words on Boma. Some even cursed him for making a married woman sleep with him on National TV, even when another housemate advised him not to venture into that. A lot of people forgot that Tega should also receive some blames. 

But yes, there are humans who understood the need to blame both parties, with special attention on Tega who had all the powers to a “yes” or “no.” And I was happy to see like minds reasoning with me on this.

However, there is this belief that Tega could be exerting revenge on her husband. Why is this belief existing?

Moments after the display of shame was caught on screen, her husband went online to maintain that his wife was still a good woman. He made the general public understand that he had cheated on her before and that they were trying to make things normal. This got a lot of people worried about the relationship they have as Husband and Wife.

But I think people should let them be. I think it’s left for the husband to decide if he can continue with the marriage, or if they’re filing for divorce when Tega leaves the show.

However, I wonder if people have ever considered this:

What if her husband’s online action was just a damage control? What if he never cheated on her? It’s actually possible he said that because of his ego, and to save his wife from shame.


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Written by: Edward Amah


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