Igbo Women Are The Most Wicked To Their Maids? – Opinion


In recent times, the number of maids in Nigeria has drastically reduced. It’s actually due to the increased knowledge of the fact that some housewives maltreat their maids, apart from the improved negotiation for the maid’s services by parents who now ask for proper working conditions.

Actually, it’s well-understood that maids in Nigeria are usually from poor homes who find it hard to give their children basic education. They also come from homes of people who find it hard to feed. So, to make life a bit better for their children, some parents who cannot afford to give their children these basics, end up releasing them to serve people who can afford these things.

The internet space has been sad with the recent news of a woman who maltreated her maid in a terrible way. According to news, a woman has been arrested for allegedly dousing her 10-year-old maid with hot water mixed with peppery stuff.

The Abia State Police Command confirmed the arrest of Mrs Zazi David for pouring hot water on the girl, an orphan because she broke a plate. This was different from other several instances of abuse on the girl. Reports have it that she has dealt with the girl several times, leaving several scars on her body. While people went to her social media page to call the woman names, it was also proper for some persons to exercise their displeasure with what has been a trend over the years with Igbo women.

This issue of Igbo women maltreating their maids, has raised the question “how wicked can the Igbo woman be?” 

The girl is an orphan and has nobody to speak for her. If she had parents, maybe they’ll bring her back home after the first series of abuse. The nonsense economy of the country is responsible for people wanting to leave their child under the care of another couple, without knowing the moral background of the couple.

These days, some smart parents tell you not to harm their child if he/she is coming to serve you. Some will tell you to ensure that their child goes to school, otherwise, they won’t release him/her. 

Inasmuch as the said girl is an orphan, I just hope that poor parents who are releasing their children to people are able to stand well on the grounds of “treat him/her well.”

Again, I just hope the National Human Rights Commission will be able to focus on this particular mission of saving maltreated maids. Punishment to people like the aforesaid woman should be paramount, in order to curb the danger, her kind poses to the society.

Written by: Edward Amah

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