Opinion: Baby Mamas & Side-Chicks Give More Peace Of Mind Than Wives


Some people are stupid and foolish, but we tend to take them seriously. This happens a lot on social media, and some of us, in the process of not wanting to sound judgmental, try to overlook it. This is because, the average Nigerian sees advice as criticism, rather than seeing to whatever it was that bred the need for advising.

In the ongoing tussle between Tuface’s family and his wife Annie, some persons made it a duty to make postulations that one would consider funny. However, these are stupid statements that should only come from the mind of mentally deranged individuals.

But oh, we’re not allowed to tell people how stupid they are, so we let their madness continue. But on second thought, if madness is encouraged, it would become a tradition. Before you could understand what’s happening in society, it will dawn on you that everyone is officially mad.

Some persons were able to use the situation Tuface’s wife found herself in, to promote a certain sick agenda. Here are some of the things l saw online:

“Baby Mamas give him peace more than his wife.”

“This is the reason married men go outside and have side chicks. All these married women don’t give peace.”

The online madness keeps going on and on. 

But if you’re of good moral inclination, you will observe that the ladies who make these kinds of statements, are either Baby Mamas and Side-Chicks, or they are intending to fall into this category soon.

And the men? The ones who fall into this category, are obviously men who are cheats or willing to cheat.

It is absurd to think that the major reason a man would go out to sleep with another woman, would be because of his wife’s inability to give him peace.  People who have this reasoning stink of stupidity, and they ought to understand that it’s safer for an ignorant man or woman to remain silent – silence makes a fool look smart.

You can never give a chronic cheat peace of mind. It’s hard for a man or woman to be enough for their spouse if they’re married to a ‘community property.

A cheat can get married to his side-chick after divorcing his wife, and it will surprise you that the marriage will go through the same torture of separation.

Peace of mind is relative. A good man is a good man. A good woman is a good woman.

Written by: Edward Amah

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